Lord Aliden Perenolde (male human): Aliden Perenolde was told from an early age that he would succeed his father as Lord of Alterac City. He was just beginning to make a name for himself in court when the Alliance sacked the city for his father's misdeeds. His status as heir apparent was forgotten in the leaderless Syndicate. Yet, the young Lord Perenolde dreamed of reclaiming his ancestral lands. Years later, he got his chance.

Perenolde had since grown into a man as charismatic and ambitious as his father. With Lordaeron crippled in the aftermath of the Third War, he knew this was the time to strike. He convinced (or browbeat) the other nobles that this was the time for the Syndicate to attack openly and reclaim what was rightfully theirs.

Though the Syndicate regained much of its lands and more, Perenolde will not be satisfied until he takes Alterac City from the ogres. Lord Perenolde knows he is a target for the nobles who chafe under his rule (including his children) and protects himself accordingly.

Aliden is in his 40s; though his body is strong, his grey hair shows his age. His clothing and armor often feature the Perenolde crest.

Lord Falconcrest (male human): Though noble born, Falconcrest was but a boy when his family was deposed. Thus, he is more familiar with the ways of a bandit than a courtier. Falconcrest does not trust Aliden Perenolde (expecting him to be as duplicitous as his father), yet respects him for his deviousness. The plan to take Lordaeron lands worked better than he expected, and Falconcrest jumped at the opportunity to lead the Syndicate faction in the Arathi Highlands.

Far from Perenolde's control, Falconcrest slowly grooms the rogues under him to work against Perenolde and the northern Syndicate, although he knows he must move slowly and methodically to make sure his forces are strong enough before he strikes. Falconcrest is younger than Perenolde, in his thirties, and is prepared to bide his time until he is ready. Falconcrest often dresses as a bandit, but his noble bearing betrays his origins.

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