Level Adjustment Use racial levels

The most well-known pandaren are the brewmasters, who travel the world seeking the perfect drinks and hoping to create their own time-honored recipes. These pandaren lead some to believe that all pandaren are merely brewmasters and have no fighting skill, but such is not the case. Their race is peaceful, though, it is true, and their culture values ale and other spirits; as in all things, pandaren strive for perfection in whatever their profession.

Pandaren boast several unique types of individual who draw upon their culture's history. Brewmasters are one such type, but the race also includes wardancers — agile fighters who spin, leap, tumble, and slay their foes with delicate weapons called shaktani swords. Pandaren geomancers tap into the magic of earth and stone, while shodo-pans lead their shao'dins, or clans.

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