and I got no information talking to other members. Apparently no one ever talks about her interrogation; it's a highly personal thing they're supposed to keep secret. Sounds suspicious if you ask me.

The bulk of the Crusade's forces are warriors, but some priests as well. Paladins seem drawn to the organization, but few can balance their commitment to the Light with the dark deeds done by the Scarlet Crusade. Paladins keep joining, but few keep their holy status. Most abandon the teachings of the Light and find their abilities changing to suit their new mindsets. Indeed, the Scarlet Crusade has a couple ex-paladins dedicated to training these people.

Staying in the Crusade is easy; all that's required is a fanatical commitment to your commander. Do what they tell you to do and never ask questions and you'll be a Scarlet Crusader till the day you die. Ask "Why?" even once and you'll likely become an undead sympathizer and wake up dead the next day.


High General Abbendis (female human): Of all the leaders of the Crusade, Abbendis is perhaps the most fervent. She hates undead with a fanatical loathing, and thinks nothing of sacrificing her troops in an effort to f

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