Although Cenarion Circle operatives are found throughout the world — especially in the wild lands — the group has several important bases of operations in Kalimdor.

Archdruid Fandral Staghelm leads the Cenarion Circle from Darnassus, high atop Teldrassil. One of the Cenarion Circle's archdruids, the tauren Hamuul Runetotem, operates out of Thunder Bluff, in Southern Kalimdor, in the Elder Rise. Many pacts were made there, and most tauren view this location as a sacred place. In Felwood, the Emerald Circle, a small group of Cenarion Circle operatives, is dedicated to driving sickness and corruption out of the lands and restoring health to Felwood.

Another important Cenarion bastion is in the village of Nighthaven, in Moonglade. Rabine is in charge of Nighthaven, while Keeper Remulos watches from a distance. Nighthaven is a central point for the Cenarion Circle's activities in Northern Kalimdor, and many Cenarion Circle operatives meet there every day.

Finally, two important Cenarion Circle outposts are found in Silithus. The first is Valor's Rest, also home to both the Alliance and the Horde. The second, simply called Cenarion Hold, has become a location of the utmost importance for the organization.

Although the Cenarion Circle maintains other bases of operation, most of its members meet in forest glades, under especially ancient trees or on the many rocky shores of the world. No one but the organization's operatives knows the locations of these places, which serve as rendezvous points.

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