The Darkmoon Faire frequents two places: an area of Mulgore southwest of Thunder Bluff, and the Elwynn Forest near Goldshire. Where the Darkmoon Faire is when it isn't in either of these places I was not able to discern, nor do I know how it gets from one place to another. The closest thing to a real answer I got was that the Faire spends a substantial amount of time in "parts unknown," supposedly meaning that the rest of us sorry yokels have no idea where the Faire is (instead of meaning that the Faire is in an area of Azeroth that we have yet to discover).

My personal theory is that the Darkmoon Faire wanders certain areas in the wilds of Azeroth, gathering secrets. I have a suspicion — this is only a suspicion, mind you — that the carnival is just a front. The Faire's true purpose is to gather information and uncover mysteries. I can appreciate this, as secrets and forgotten lore are far more valuable to me — and to many adventurers — than glowing table legs and a few hours of idle enjoyment. Perhaps Silas shares what he discovers, for a price, with those who know the proper way to ask.

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