If you're looking for the Twilight's Hammer — and I hope you're looking to smite 'em — there's three places I'd try looking.

The first is right under your nose. The Twilight's Hammer is insidious, and otherwise upstanding citizens of the Alliance and the Horde have been seduced into worship of the Old Gods.

The second is fairly obvious. The Twilight's Hammer cults congregate around relics of the Old Gods. Whatever ruined temples the titans left after they imprisoned the Old Gods serve as focal points for the Twilight's Hammer.

Thirdly, the places you're most likely to find Twilight Hammer cultists are those with a strong connection to the elements. In addition to the Old Gods, the Twilight's Hammer cultists pay homage to elementals. Multiple sects can be found in Silithus, where the savage winds blow without pause. Blackrock Depths is host to ambassadors from the cult, who petition the Dark Iron dwarves for greater access to its fiery depths.

What is now called Blackfathom Deeps in Ashenvale was once, long ago, a temple to Elune. The Great Sundering ruined the temple and left it submerged in water and buried under rock. Corruption from the Old Gods seeped up and tainted the sacred moonwell. The Sundering awoke the hydra Aku'mai, who claimed the ruins as her lair. Thus the temple remained, until Twilight Lord Kelris rediscovered it. This orc sought the assistance of nearby naga, and together they reclaimed the temple and rededicated it to the worship of elemental water.

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