After they left Blackrock Depths, the Thorium Brotherhood crossed the Searing Gorge to the north and claimed a mesa there as their new home. Part fortress, part workshop, Thorium Point (as they named it) is now the center of operations for their enterprise. Though ample resources exist just outside their gates, the Brotherhood must keep a constant vigil against attacks by Dark Iron dwarves, elementals and wild beasts. Despite the high security, Thorium Point is open for business to anyone who can brave the hostile landscape to reach it. If you must visit, I recommend traveling by gryphon.

The Thorium Brotherhood always has an eye out for new markets, and has already established two trading posts on Kalimdor. Both outposts are in goblin cities; no surprise given their common interest (gold). The northern outpost is in Everlook (in Winterspring) and the southern outpost is in Gadgetzan (in Tanaris). Oddly, the Thorium Brotherhood does not have a presence in Ratchet. Whether the Brotherhood doesn't want to operate so near to the strongholds of the Alliance and the Horde, or because the goblins don't want the competition, I can't say.

have it crafted. Although never official members of the Brotherhood, regular customers find themselves doing a lot of resource gathering for the guild. The Brotherhood reserves its best products (even a few formulas) for customers who demonstrate the ability to acquire the necessary materials from dangerous locales and the willingness to hand over large sums of gold. Fair warning, though: These dwarves are shrewd businessmen and many customers end up owing more than they earn.


Lokhtos Darkbargainer (male Dark Iron dwarf):

Lokhtos was the overseer of the Thorium Brotherhood during the War of the Three Hammers and the Dark Irons' enslavement in Blackrock Depths. When the rest of the guild escaped, the aging Lokhtos chose to stay behind, believing he would only slow his compatriots. Despite his abdication, Lokhtos remains a respected member of the Brotherhood, though he keeps his allegiance to himself to avoid reprisal from Ragnaros and his elemental minions. When not at work in the forges, Lokhtos is often at the Grim Guzzler; from a darkened corner he quietly conducts business on the guild's behalf. A piece of advice: Lokhtos's opinion of you has a definite effect on how the rest of the guild views you.

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