a mystery. This tall, broadly built human joined the Defias Brotherhood in his teens, and his intelligence and charisma shaped the Brotherhood's actions and inspired many of its most infamous atrocities. Thredd is a capable warrior, and his aggressive double bladed fighting style is difficult to defeat. Thredd is currently locked in the Stockade of Stormwind City, but rules the prison like his own private kingdom.

Marisa Du'Paige (female human): A Defias mage and a skilled transmuter, Du'Paige is the daughter of one of VanCleef's most skilled lieutenants, who was killed during the Stormwind City riot. Marisa, a golden-haired woman in her mid-twenties, always had an affinity toward both magic and cruelty; and the Defias Brotherhood gives her opportunities to indulge in both. She oversees operations in the upper levels of the Deadmines and the training of magical adepts.

Gilnid (male goblin): In the crafting of technological automatons, Gilnid may have no equal. Amoral beyond the ability of the goblins to stomach, Gilnid was cast out of Booty Bay when his insane experiments ran amok in the city's marketplace. Gilnid has no interest in politics, and plays no part in the Brotherhood's decision making, but the Brotherhood funds his experiments and keeps him supplied with parts. VanCleef has enormous — perhaps too much — respect for his mad talents.

The Power Of Charisma

The Power Of Charisma

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