- HeRoes and the DaRkmoon FaiRe

The Darkmoon Faire has a huge variety of tasks available for heroes, from crafting items to collecting obscure trinkets from the far corners of Azeroth. Heroes could also join the Faire, if they enjoyed its particular traveling lifestyle. As members of the Faire, the heroes fight monsters and bandits that attack the caravan as it travels — and, since no one knows exactly where the Faire goes when it's not in Mulgore or Elwynn, these creatures may be strange indeed. If the heroes prove able, they may be in charge of all defense for the Faire, including police-type action when the Faire is in session.

The Faire may also send the heroes on various quests of the sorts they would normally send adventurers on; doing so gives the heroes a constant source of patronage. As the heroes are eventually quite powerful, Silas Darkmoon may let them in on the Faire's secrets, and perhaps send them to much stranger locales to gather mysteries and relics.

the food for the vendors. (The food that the vendors eat, not what they sell.) They repair wagon axles and replace elderly pack animals. They are also responsible for protecting the caravan as it travels, and, as the Faire includes many noncombatants and travels through mysterious lands, this job should not be underestimated. They bludgeon their enemies with everything from maces to last year's mutton. These are tough customers!

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