Included in this chapter are many new playable races for the WoW RPG. These races are unaffiliated with the Alliance or Horde, though the occasional, exceptional individual may join one of these affiliations.


Draaonspawn (wvrmkin)

Dwarf, Dark Iron


Table 1-1: Racial Ability Modifiers

Ability Adjustments Favored Class

Description: The dragonflights of Azeroth are not without retainers and assistants. Noble creatures serve the dragons with absolute loyalty, acting as footmen, soldiers, assistants and companions. They are endowed with many of the dragons' mystic abilities and virtuous qualities. Exactly how they came into being is a mystery to many, though dragons may have the answers.

Each wyrmkin is born into a specific flight of draconic servitude. Each dragonspawn race is shaped to serve a specific dragonflight, and each dragonspawn exhibits hereditary traits that represent the dragonflight he serves.

Though they have dragonlike qualities, these creatures are not descended from dragons. Instead, they are distant kinfolk, descended from humanoids who spent their lives close to the dragons and took on the qualities of their masters after generations of service. As a result, dragonspawn are gifted with unique advantages, including immunity to their dragonflight's breath weapon.

Wyrmkin dragonspawn are the least of the dragonspawn. They are tough and hardy, but not particularly intelligent. Most lack self-motivation, requiring a leader to give them specific instructions and commands. Dragonspawn have no social mobility.

Dragonspawn serve their draconic masters eagerly, considering the task an enormous honor. No dragonspawn breaks with his patron dragonflight or strikes out alone. They follow the commands of their dragon masters willingly — and a dragon might command a dragonspawn to undertake a mission by himself, or perhaps join forces with a group of heroes.

Appearance: The lower bodies of dragonspawn are much like dragons: a scaled hide, four legs and a tail. They have humanoid torsos with long, thick arms, and scaled, draconic heads. Their hides and draconic features are the color of their patron flight (black, blue, bronze, green or red).

Dragonspawn have similar physiques regardless of the flight they belong to. Most dragonspawn bear a mark upon their breastplates or shields that identifies their draconic mentor or patron, giving honor to the dragon who trained them. Armor and clothing reflect the scale coloring of the dragonspawn's patron dragonflight.

Region: Dragonspawn can be found wherever dragons dwell. For example, the Burning Steppes teem with black dragons, drakes and other servants of the black dragonflight. In Grim Batol, where the red dragon Alexstrasza was once imprisoned, there now waits a host of red dragonspawn legionnaires eager to protect the remnants of the red dragonflight.

Affiliation: Independent. Dragonspawn are loyal to their specific dragonflights, and to no one else.

Faith: Many dragonspawn revere dragons, particularly their own dragonflights. The Dragon Aspects—Alexstrasza the Life-Binder, Malygos the Spell-Weaver, Ysera the Dreamer, Nozdormu the Timeless, and Deathwing (once Neltharion the Earth-Warder) receive special attention.

Names: Dragonspawn names are harsh and simple, with no family name to speak of; they are usually referred to by their place in the hierarchy, much like a military rank, and the name they were given at birth. Dragonspawn adventurers often refer to themselves simply by their given names.

• Male Names: Kaz, Brak, Fash, Shez, Verrik, Yzyr, Zoar.

• Female Names: Fraya, Mahut, Adru, Shanza, Zstrsa.

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