Mage Variant EJementalist

The Twilight's Hammer is a strange cult that worships the mysterious Old Gods. All sources say that the Old Gods are evil, that the titans defeated them when they first came to Azeroth, and that the elementals, even lords like Ragnaros and Thunderaan, are mere servants of these mighty beings. Aside from these agreements, scholars diverge.

The Twilight's Hammer seeks to emulate the elementals who once served the Old Gods. Fire and lighting answer the cultists' call. The most exalted members of the Twilight's Hammer become elementalists — spellcasters who focus on the elements, particularly their destructive powers. Elementalists study arcane elemental magic to become more like elementals, which they revere.

Elementalists are canny and fervent foes. They are more than willing to die in the service of the Old Gods.

Glemencalisc Alterations

The elementalist does not have access to the mage spell list, nor does he gain the arcane adept arcana at 12th level or the fire and frost arcana at 16th level. Instead, elementalists possess the following class features at the indicated levels:

• 1st-Level — Elementalist Spell List: An elementalist has access to a special elementalist spell list, which includes all spells with the air, cold, earth, electricity, fire, and/or water descriptors. This means that elementalists can cast spells like summon nature's ally, but only to summon a creature with one of these descriptors. Elementalists cast all their spells as arcane spells, even those that normally appear only on divine spellcasters' class lists. Elementalists draw their extra spells per day (for being arcanists) from this spell list.

Elementalists still have access to the arcanist spell list, as normal magi do.

• 12th-Level — Element Adept (Ex): An elementalist becomes more competent in specific elements as he advances, achieving specialty in two or three energy types. The elementalist chooses two element descriptors (air, cold, earth, electricity, fire or water). He casts spells with one or both of those descriptors at +1 caster level, and the save DCs of those spells increase by +2.

• 16th-Level — Elemental Specialty (Ex): The elementalist becomes prodigiously powerful and competent with a specific element. He chooses one element descriptor (air, cold, earth, electricity, fire or water). For each spell level, he can prepare and cast one additional spell with this descriptor. This additional spell automatically benefits from the Maximize Spell feat, though it does not take up a higher-level spell slot. He does not have to be an elemental adept with that element first.

Multiple Variants

If your GM allows, you can incorporate multiple variants into your character class. You can be both an elementalist and a human mage (from the Alliance Player's Guide), for example.

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