Mage Variant rcane Mlchemist

en a normal denizen of Azerodi thinks "witch doctor," she envisions a troll, probably a jungle troll, his neck draped widi shrunken skulls as he dances around a bubbling cauldron. Indeed, most witch doctors are of this persuasion. Yet other characters also study potions and brews, but they do not call diemselves witch doctors. Some, particularly those dark brewers of die Forsaken, call themselves apothecaries. Odiers are arcane alchemists.

Arcane alchemists are the arcanists' answer to witch doctors. Where witch doctors use instinct, arcane alchemists use intellect. While witch doctors, with their divine magic and spiritual traditions, invoke spirits and voodoo to infuse their concoctions, arcane alchemists consult old books and perform lengthy mathematical calculations to achieve similar results.

Goblins are the most likely to become arcane alchemists — they have been practicing alchemy for centuries (if not longer), and it is an art that appeals to dieir off-kilter minds. Gnomes, humans and Forsaken sometimes follow the path as well, as do naga.

Arcane Alchemist Alterations

Arcane alchemists do not gain any of die mage arcana, nor do diey gain Scribe Scroll at 1st level. Instead, diey gain the following class features, at the indicated levels:

• 1st-Level — Brew Potion: Arcane alchemists gain Brew Potion as a bonus feat.

• 1st-Level — Journeyman Alchemist: Arcane alchemists gain Journeyman Alchemist (presented in More Magic & Mayhem) as a bonus feat.

• 1st-Level — Potion Planning (Ex): The arcane alchemist can spend time performing calculations and conducting experiments to reduce the effort of brewing a potion. If he doubles the time he takes to create a potion or alchemical concoction, he reduces the price in both gp and XP by 25%.

• 4th-Level — Metamagic Tinctures (Ex): The arcane alchemist can brew potions that grant the benefit of metamagic feats. This arcana is identical to the witch doctor's juju potion inspiration (see More Magic & Mayhem)

• 8th-Level — Bonus Feats: In the arcane alchemist's studies, he learns skills that further his quest to create the ultimate potions. He gains two bonus feats. He can choose two alchemy (presented in More Magic & Mayhem), item creation and/or metamagic feats. He must meet all the normal prerequisites for the feats he selects.

• 12th-Level — Potion Master (Ex): This arcana is identical to the witch doctor inspiration of the same name (see More Magic & Mayhem)

• 16th-Level — Super Potion Spectacular! (Ex): Through study and experimentation, the arcane alchemist unlocks the secrets of storing foreign spells, and spells of great power, in his potions. He selects a number of spells equal to his Intellect modifier. The spells can be from any spell list (including divine spells) and can be of any level. The arcane alchemist can brew potions that contain these spells. Once the arcane alchemist selects these spells, he cannot change them. If he chooses a spell available only to a divine spellcaster, he treats that spell as arcane.

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