Meeting Fleeto

Assuming Fleeto survives the hunter-killer's assault, he breathlessly explains who he is, and what's going on. The players must then decide whether or not to do something about Goldknuckle. Fleeto appeals to their better natures (especially if any of them are obviously paladins or followers of the Light), claiming Zykos is an evil goblin not afraid to unleash unknown powers on the world to achieve his own greedy ends. If any of the heroes are druids or hunters, he points to the damaged forest and blames it on Goldknuckle (never mind the fact that Fleeto was, at the time, a willing participant in this destruction). If all else fails, he casually mentions that Zykos has a vault full of cash that the heroes can feel free to loot once they stop his nefarious plans.

Depending on the questions the heroes ask, Fleeto can provide the following details. However, he's too nervous and jittery to think of all these things on his own. He gives out this information only if they specifically request it. Otherwise, he catches his breath, insists that the heroes hurry before Goldknuckle activates his terrible device, and rushes off in the direction the heroes came from — presumably to track down more help, but also to escape further retribution from his former master.

• Goldknuckle's Lair: Fleeto says Goldknuckle refers to his base as his "secret lair." It's a natural cave that used to be behind a waterfall, before Zykos redirected the river for his own purposes. Fleeto has no problem telling the players exactly how to get there and even drawing a crude map of the facility. However, he's so shaky and addle-brained that this map has at least one major flaw (GM's choice).

• Guardians: Fleeto gives a detailed description of Oddknob, Goldknuckle's bodyguard (see Area 5 below), but dismisses the other constructs as unimportant trivialities that "will surely pose no threat to heroes like you!" If pressed, he describes several mechanical humanoids crafted in Zykos's image. Fleeto doesn't know about the lake guardian (which Goldknuckle activated after his minion fled) or the portable goblin factory. He does know that Goldknuckle employs alarm-o-bots (see Encounter 3, below) and, after a moment's thought, remembers that their suppression word is "pyrite." (Sadly, the paranoid Zykos has changed this word since Fleeto's departure, but Fleeto has no way of knowing that.)

• The World Tweaker: Fleeto has seen the machine and can give a description of it, as well as its unusual name. He knows the device employs all sorts of jumbled technology and is surely capable of wreaking massive destruction. He's certain Goldknuckle is going to turn it on soon and try to do something horrible. Exactly what that something is, he isn't sure, except it will surely involve gold in some way — Zykos is obsessed with gold (he even wears an w o ft L

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