Originally, the Defias Brotherhood was a noble group and had an honorable goal. Stormwind's nobles had treated them poorly, and the Stonemasons had every right to resist.

Now, however, times are different. A few older members may hold to their noble ideals, but clearly they can't be much involved in the Defias's dealings or they would know better. The Defias Brotherhood is now a corrupt group, no better than any other gang of thugs. Current recruits are bandits and scoundrels.

Three groups of followers exist in the Defias Brotherhood. First is the leadership, the original members, the artisans and laborers who were involved in the expulsion from Stormwind. Many of these fit into the role of the embittered idealist; they still harbor a grudge against the cheating, corrupt nobility of Stormwind, and are determined to force the nobles from power. They may be reasonable people on other matters, but no amount of time or persuasion can get them to change their minds about the noble houses or put aside their grievances. Like many strong-willed people who have experienced a wrong, "hardened" does not begin to describe their attitude.

The second group is the captains. Some serve as field commanders, while others are trained as tinkers and engineers. As they prove themselves, they advance through the ranks, and in time are elevated to VanCleef's inner circle.

The third group is the rabble: mercenaries, brigands and criminals who gravitate to any cause where the money is good and brutality flows like cheap wine. They don't have much loyalty to the Defias Brotherhood beyond the nice feeling they get when the Brotherhood drops shiny silver coins into their palms. Mercenaries and soldiers do not rise into the captaincy (or the inner circle) without family connections.


Edwin VanCleef (male human): Arguably the greatest architect in human history, VanCleef is, unfortunately, also one of the most bitter and ruthless. He founded the Defias Brotherhood as an instrument of revenge. His face is now wasted and hollow; he is no longer the noble figure he once was, but is obviously corrupt.

Bazil Thredd (male human): The chief captain of the Defias Brotherhood, Bazil Thredd's background is

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