The Darkmoon Faire is unique for many reasons; one of them is that its members come from all races. Alliance and Horde races are all represented in their ranks, as are members of neutral or ordinarily hostile races. Orc children dash about, trolls hawk food and games, gnomes expound on their services from brightly-colored booths, and a gnoll fortune teller reveals the future. If it is nothing else, the Darkmoon Faire is proof that the varied races can still work together for a common goal.

The Darkmoon Faire accepts anyone willing to make the trek with them, as far as I can tell. I believe that recruits must also swear an oath of secrecy so that they do not reveal the Faire's movements. Other than that, as long as you are reasonably healthy and dedicated, you are welcome to join. Enterprising businessmen can maintain their own booths, though the costs of building, maintaining, and transporting it fall to the owner. The entrepreneur also divides his profits between himself and the Faire, but benefits from the draw the Faire creates, the prestige of being associated with it, and the protection of journeying with a large and well-armed caravan.

The Faire always needs workers, as well, who do everything from set up stages to fight hostile creatures on the caravan's journeys. These folks are usually young and join the Faire because of a desire to travel the world and experience some excitement, but don't want to take the risks of being real adventurers.

Most individuals who join the Faire share a few things in common. Since they spend so much time in foreign lands, most have no families (or don't particularly like their families). For similar reasons, the Faire attracts its fair share (so to speak) of criminals on the run, though these are usually con artists and similar types, as their skills are helpful for marketing and Silas Darkmoon allows no violence among his troupe.


Silas Darkmoon (male gnome): Much mystery surrounds Silas Darkmoon. He is responsible for creating the Faire and keeping it running, but I'm unsure as to his real motivations. He boasts that his Faire contains wonders from around the world and beyond, and includes exotic and powerful relics among its other wonders. Perhaps Silas is looking for something in particular? Perhaps this is his way of distributing powerful magic items to adventurers worthy of them, who can battle the Legion and Scourge effectively? Perhaps he is simply a businessman who sells whatever he can. In any case, Silas is always found with the Faire, wearing dark adventurer's clothing and a wide-brimmed hat.

Professor Thaddeus Paleo (male human): Professor Paleo may be even more mysterious than Silas Darkmoon. He is in charge of collecting Darkmoon cards from adventurers who stumble upon them. Paleo claims that the Darkmoon Faire scattered decks of special cards throughout the world to see any adventurers are intrepid enough to gather collections of all the cards in a single suit. (Four suits exist: beasts, elementals, portals, and warlords.) When an adventurer returns to Paleo with all the cards of a suit, Paleo rewards her with a special, more powerful Darkmoon card, each of which is a valuable and potent magic item.

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