The Thorium Brotherhood consists of Dark Iron dwarves who have escaped Ragnaros's control. Most of the members are from the original Thorium Brotherhood who escaped Blackrock Depths with Oilfist, but other free Dark Iron dwarves have joined since. Once he has been given access to the Brotherhood's secrets, a dwarf is forever a member of the guild. Although he can retire from active service, he can never again work as a craftsman for anyone else. The Brotherhood holds onto its plans and formulas and deals harshly with any member who sells out to the competition.

Because of its exclusiveness, the Thorium Brotherhood often lacks the manpower to match the demand for their products. Thus, the Brotherhood has found a way to kill two birds with one stone by making their customers into suppliers. If you want a Brotherhood craftsman to make something for you, you must acquire the constituent components yourself, on top of paying a premium rate to

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