As I said before, Farstriders are all blood elves. Furthermore, every one is a ranger of some sort. While the rare Farstrider may focus on roguish pursuits, the faction is entirely combat-related, and even their rogues are deadly with a bow. Or without, for that matter.

Joining the Farstriders is no mean task. You must go through an extensive trial period, testing your archery skills as well as your survival and stealth skills. No Farstrider is truly a greenhorn, though (never below 8 th level, and most are easily 12th level or beyond). To become a Farstrider, a character must have excellent stealth and survival skills (at least 10 ranks each) and at least some training as a ranger (one level of the elven ranger prestige class).

A newly inducted ranger receives extensive training in guerilla tactics, as well as lessons in anatomy. Scoff all you want, it makes a big difference when a ranger is able to precisely locate every weak point on your body, and take you down with one or two arrows.

Senior members are killing machines. They can put an arrow through a goblin's heart at 500 paces and not even break a sweat. Most senior Farstriders have killed more beasts than any soldier in the blood elf military. They make Defias assassins look like babies.


Ranger-General Halduron Brightwing (male blood elf): Before the Third War, Sylvannas Windrunner was the ranger-general, the highest authority among the Farstriders. With her death, a void was left, leaving the ranger's without a leader. Soon, Halduron, a great ranger, was raised to ranger-general, and rules the rangers to this day.

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