Most Syndicate members had no choice in the matter: they were part of the traitorous nobles' households, either staff or family, and they were exiled with their lords. They learned the lifestyle of the thief the hard way, leaving their pampered lives behind to steal from others. They justified their actions, saying that their victims should be supporting them anyway, as they once did. After some weeks of whining, most everyone pulled their weight when their bellies became empty enough. With enough stolen items, they built a semblance of a community in the foothills.

Bandits found the Syndicate a powerful organization that, while fraught with infighting, is still preferable to smaller gangs. The Syndicate had greater plans than simply robbing the refugees fleeing Lordaeron. Land conquest was more ambitious than the bandits had ever before dreamed, and they were eager to join. The Syndicate accepted their pledges of fealty, and thus stronger warriors and rogues brought their skills to the group. One of the smarter decisions Perenolde made for the Syndicate was to break up these bandit gangs among the noble families, giving the bandits new allegiances so the gangs couldn't stay together to work against the nobles. This trick worked perfectly, and most bandits went along with it for the greater reward.

The leaders of the Syndicate are humans of noble lineage. Though they have incorporated servants and brigands into their households, they remain purely human. From time to time the Syndicate employs gnolls and other humanoids of variable allegiance, but these mercenaries are never considered part of a household.

The Syndicate has no uniform: members wear whatever clothes they bring with them or can steal. The expensive clothes worn by the former noble are now tattered and patched, not to mention years out of fashion. Most people however, see only the dark, concealing clothes of Syndicate highwaymen.

Leaving the Syndicate is difficult. Each noble knows who belongs in his own little gang and notices when someone goes missing.

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