Although the Earthen Ring is a shaman organization and is almost exclusively composed of orcs and tauren, the group accepts members from all walks of life. Though shaman are the most numerous, warriors also make up a noticeable part of the Earthen Ring's membership. These warriors act as bodyguards for the shaman, and fight alongside them when facing threats such as cultists who provoke violence. Members of other classes are also permitted to join the Earthen Ring, but their admittance to the organization is rare.

For the most part, members of the Earthen Ring do not engage in recruitment, though they tend not to reject volunteers who are shaman. As for individuals of other vocations, those who are determined to protect the earth are allowed a chance to prove their worth. These men and women perform missions on the Earthen Ring's behalf of. After one, two, or three such missions, they earn admittance into the organization.

The Earthen Ring is not a widely known or highly respected organization. Its members fight a secret, little known and often misunderstood conflict. Thus, the majority of Azeroth's population doesn't notice their activities. Their tasks do not require large hosts of armed warriors, nor anything else that would be obviously noticeable. In fact, since the Earthen Ring's success prevents catastrophes from occurring, most people notice the Earthen Ring only if its members failed to stop a threat.


Muln Earthfury (male tauren): Muln Earthfury, a powerful tauren shaman dedicated to keep the elemental forces in check and thus ensure the safety of all the lands Azeroth and the people who live upon them, leads the Earthen Ring. Like many members of the group, Muln frequently roams the land in search of elementals to pacify and cultists to defeat. His current location is unknown, but as dedicated to the group's cause as he is, Muln is undoubtedly carrying out duties important to the Earthen Ring.

Je'neu Sancrea (male jungle troll): Most people in Zoram'gar Outpost have no idea that one of their own, Je'neu Sancrea, is a member of the Earthen Ring. Je'neu holds no high rank in the Earthen Ring, but he is a particularly active member. As a consequence, he has gained a reputation for involving himself in many different issues, including investigating elemental activity and recruiting heroes to venture into various locations associated with the Twilight's Hammer.

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