Well, no one really joins the black dragonflight, so "membership" is sort of a funny concept to discuss. You're either born a black dragon or you serve them — that's pretty much it.


Deathwing, formerly Neltharion the Earth-Warder, also known as Lord Daval Prestor (male black Dragon Aspect): In the earliest days of Azeroth, Neltharion was the mighty Earth-Warder, chosen by the titans as one of the five protectors of Azeroth. I've already discussed what happened since; he's completely insane and evil now, and no one knows where he is. That disturbs me; creatures that powerful don't just disappear.

Nefarian, also known as Blackwing, also known as Lord Victor Nefarius (male black dragon): It's only a matter of time before Nefarian unleashes his growing chromatic dragons on the world. For that reason, I think it'd be smart to take him out now, but maybe that's just me.

See the Monster Guide for more information on Nefarian, including his statistics.

Onyxia (female black dragon): Onyxia controls much of Dustwallow Marsh, but she also has a human persona in Stormwind: Lady Katrana Prestor. As Lady Katrana, she corrupts the leaders of the city, and makes certain Stormwind's armed forces will not mobilize against her brother in Blackrock Spire. She torched southern Dustwallow, and I suspect she'll be causing Lady Jaina Proudmoore a real headache sometime in the near future.

See the Monster Guide for more information on Onyxia, including her statistics.

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