The Twilight's Hammer has members from all the common races, and more than a few uncommon races. Whether they were once Alliance, Horde, or independent, folks of all sizes, shapes and colors come together to work toward a common cause. It really give you hope for the future... or it would, if these fanatics weren't trying to destroy the future.

People are drawn to the Twilight's Hammer for the same reason they join any religion — we all need a sense of purpose and connection to something greater than ourselves. The cultists honestly believe that the Old Gods or the elementals will reward them for their faith.

The Twilight's Hammer doesn't take kindly to those who try to leave the cult. Hiding in the hills on the edge of Silithus you might be able to find the hermit Ortell. He is one of the few people to escape the Twilight's Hammer and survive. He still searches for signs of the apocalypse, but unlike his former comrades, Ortell is seeking a way to avert it; and that could make him a useful ally against the cult.

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