The Dark Horde doesn't get many new recruits. In fact, they don't seem to get any new recruits. The organization formed out of survivors from the Second War, and attrition thins the ranks every month. The renegades fight out of desperation and despair, knowing their chances of success are slim. I talked to a one-eyed orc commander in the Badlands, and he claimed that over the last few years, he's seen an orc or two head toward Blackrock Spire to join Rend's band. I've little faith in his story, though: I don't know the last time something like this happened. Furthermore, nobody really believes the Dark Horde is going to win the war it's still trying to fight, not even the

"I am the greatest warrior in the Horde!" Tarku roared. "No, I am the greatest warrior," Orgar snarled.

The two orcs circled around the campfire. The rest of the raiding party huddled in the shadows and watched with gleaming eyes.

"I slew six humans today," Tarku boasted. He held no weapon, but bared his teeth as he strutted around the fire.

"Two of them children," Orgar sneered. "And one an old woman. You bring shame on the Dragonmaw clan. I, Orgrar of the Blackrock clan, slew three human males and one traitor orc from the false Horde in the raid." Tarku roared and charged Orgar. Orgar dodged and brought his fist down on the back of Tarku's head. The surrounding orcs cheered. Some chanted, "Fight, fight, fight!" Tarku spun and slugged Orgar in the face. The orc's jaw crunched and he spat out a broken tooth. Orgar drew his fist back for the next blow. Something enormous and black crested a nearby copse of trees and sped over the quarreling orcs. Its giant black shadow rippled over the raiding party, and the updraft from its wings doused the campfire in a rush of wind. The flap of its wings echoed like a beating heart in the darkness.

The orcs stood stock still, breathing heavily, eyes wide. They clutched their weapons in silence until the great creature ascended Blackrock Spire. Then, sullen and silent, the orcs packed up camp and started home.

members of the Dark Horde themselves. That knowledge rigorously, but rumor has it he'd be willing to allow naga, is what makes them so dangerous. furbolgs and goblins to join. Humans, elves and dwarves

The Dark Horde follows Rend's command, and given wouldn't stand a chance, though, and it's unlikely that his precarious position, Rend can't be too picky about Rend would even allow tauren to join. They stick too new recruits. He stays suspicious and tests new members closely to Thrall's new Horde.

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