Zandalar is a sizeable island a ways southwest of Westfall. Two huge mountains rise from its green canopy; one of these mountains is in fact the great ziggurat-city Zuldazar, while the other is snowy Mount

You are either born a Zandalari or you're not; you can't enter into the tribe unless your mommy is a Zandalari.

The trolls of the Zandalar tribe are among the largest, strongest trolls in the world. (The Drakkari ice trolls of Northrend are just as big.) They are just as ferocious as other trolls, and just as cunning, if not more so.

A typical Zandalari spends his days hunting in the jungles or fishing along the coastlines. Many spend their days researching ancient lore and cataloguing history. Religion is important to the Zandalari, —they are the trolls' priest caste, after all — and they revere their pantheon of primitive, animalistic gods that take the forms of bats, snakes, and the like. Zandalar priests carve totems and engage in rituals, while Zandalar witch doctors brew potions and administer to wounded trolls. The Zandalari are constantly vigilant against invaders.

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