All druids are part of the Cenarion Circle, but anyone dedicated to safeguarding the environment can join the group, provided he passes its rigorous entry tests. Before anyone other than a druid is admitted into this group, he must complete several missions on behalf of highranking members of the organization. These missions test the mettle, temperament and dedication of the potential candidate and serve to further the cause of the Cenarion Circle. Thus, each of these missions concerns the defense of nature and its creatures.


Archdruid Fandral Staghelm (male night elf): One of the most respected members of the Cenarion Circle is its leader, Fandral Staghelm. Although dedicated to the Cenarion Circle, Archdruid Staghelm is haunted by the death of his son Valstann, who perished during the War of the Shifting Sands. This loss left Fandral inconsolable and to this day he remains obsessed with his son's death.

Before he was voted the new leader of the Cenarion Circle, Fandral had told Malfurion that he wanted to create a second World Tree and thereby restore the

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