The Argent Dawn draws members from both the Alliance and the Horde, but not equally. The focus on the Holy Light makes the organization more appealing to the Alliance, especially to people with a background with the Church or the Silver Hand. Magi also support (and sometimes join) the Argent Dawn, since they have similar goals. Young members collect "scourgestones" to show their mettle, but more dangerous missions like purifying Kel'Thuzad's "plague cauldrons" on the farms in the Western Plaguelands or delving into Stratholme also are likely to get some attention.


Lord Maxwell Tyrosus (male human): Lord Maxwell has been a member of the Argent Dawn for some time. He's only a little over 40 years old, so he'd barely be an adult by dwarven standards. As a human, he's starting to show his age, though he's still a valiant fighter.

Commander Ashlam Valorfist (male human): This young but battle-scarred veteran works with the Argent Dawn at Chillwind Camp. As an ambassador from Stormwind, he misses the greener lands of his home. Still, he is determined to see the Plaguelands cleansed of blight and the Scourge driven back. His recent focus has been on a graveyard just outside their camp's borders, but due to recent successes from outside help, he's been pushing the front toward Andorhal lately.

High Priestess MacDonnell (female human): High Priestess MacDonnell attempts to remove the taint of the Scourge upon the Plaguelands, and with the help of an alchemist named Arbington, she meets with limited success. She discovered that Kel'Thuzad maintains the Scourge with massive cauldrons placed on the farms in the Plaguelands. These cauldrons emit diseased clouds that contaminate the land; fortunately, MacDonnell and Arbington believe an experimental potion can reverse this effect, but they haven't had the manpower to try it yet.

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