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Mur'gul necromancers are specialized. Unlike most necromancers, necromancers rarely deal with undead. Instead, they use their magic's power over life forces to debilitate and slay their opponents.

The mur'gul necromancer presented above uses the elite ability score array (see the Monster Guide, Chapter 3: Improving Monsters) and is a 9th-level necromancer.

Necromancer Spells (5/6/6/5/3/2; DC 13 + spell level): The mur'gul's high Intellect score and ranks in Spellcraft allow him to prepare 12 spells per level. Mur'gul necromancers favor spells like baleful polymorph, banshee's curse*, cripple, and enervation.

* This spell appears in the Horde Player's Guide.

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