Mur Ioc RaideRs EL

When the heroes investigate, they come upon the following:

The night is washed away by burning buildings. This village was already small, and fires are destroying what little is left. Ahead is a lone hut surrounded by murlocs. The fish-men scream war chants and hack at the walls with spear hafts, attempting to get inside. A young man's face looks out from a window in terror.

If the heroes need a bit more incentive to help, one or more murlocs notice the heroes and charge.

Creatures: The murloc raiding party consists of 4 murlocs. The murlocs' sole purpose was to enter the man's house and search it; a DC 20 Sense Motive check informs a hero that the murlocs really don't have it in them for real battle. They seem to want something else.

Murloc Raiders, Murloc 1: (4) CR 1; Medium monstrous humanoid (aquatic); HD 1d8+1, hp 5 each; Init +3; Spd 20 ft., swim 40 ft.; AC 15, touch 13, flat-footed 12, Base Atk +1; Grap +3; Atk +4 melee (1d8+2, shortspear); SQ darkvision 90 ft., murloc traits; AL CN; SV Fort +1, Ref +5, Will +3; Str 14, Agy 17, Sta 13, Int 10, Spt 13, Cha 6.

Language Spoken: Nerglish.

Feats: Martial Weapon Proficiency (trident)B, Weapon Focus (shortspear).

Possessions: Shortspear, heavy wooden shield.

Tactics: The murlocs swarm upon the first target near them, attempting to bring him down with overwhelming numbers.

Development: The murlocs don't wish to fight; if 2 or more are slain, the murlocs disengage and retreat to the water, fighting only if necessary.

The murlocs are initially hostile, but may be calmed down enough to talk. If the party includes a murloc, the raiding party is friendly to the murloc (and the murloc only) instead. Murlocs fear Nazjatar's power, and if a naga is in the party, the naga may make a DC 10 Intimidate check to simply scare the murlocs off.

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