The world is filled with all manner of people — and people like to get together and organize. Secret societies, small armies, circles of religious fanatics — Azeroth has 'em all. A few are crazy, some are disciplined, many are devoted, and all are interesting. I have done my best to learn about them. In the interest of furthering understanding, I've catalogued some details about them here.

Brann Bronz*beard

Membership: Approximately 1,500.

Alignment: Lawful Good.

Regions of Influence: The Argent Dawn is a worldwide organization, but their centers of power are around the most dangerous places of the world. I discussed the organization in a previous work on the Alliance, but I feel some elaboration is necessary. The most Argent Dawn members are in the Plaguelands; they have bases at Chillwind Point on the border of Alterac and at Light's Hope Chapel to the west of Corrin's Crossing. I've also seen a few Argent Dawn members in Winterspring and Mount Hyjal, observing the actions of the Burning Legion and preparing for the next massive battle against the demonic army. They're a courageous lot; the Argent Dawn is full of self-sacrificing individuals who fight creatures most of the Alliance wouldn't even want to think about (and probably doesn't, sadly).

Activities: The Argent Dawn seeks to liberate locations that have been taken over by the Scourge, the Burning Legion, servants of the Old Gods, and other forces that prove dangerous to the remainder of the world. They move from place to place, although by necessity the organization has a few stable headquarters, both in major cities such as Darnassus and at more humble locations, such as the semi-permanent encampment near the tomb of Uther the Lightbringer.

The templar of the Argent Dawn are would-be heroes; they seek to succeed where the Silver Hand failed. In an effort to adapt and compensate for the problems of the past, the Argent Dawn uses some unusual methods; their most devoted members, the templar, are known to sacrifice many of the abilities of their former professions for new ways of manipulating the Holy Light. Their unpredictability makes them especially dangerous to undead and demons; they prove capable of devising new tactics and new spells faster than most of the Lich King's servants can keep up. Sadly, the numbers of the Argent Dawn are few, and each fallen knight is a terrible blow. The Argent Dawn believes that with greater support from the outside world, it could teach others better ways to combat the darkness, but the Argent Dawn finds that few are willing to sacrifice their ideals and existing power. It's a pity, but I doubt the Argent Dawn will ever get the support it needs.

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