10th +10

Base Attack Level Bonus

10th +10


Hunter's mark +2, revenge 1/day

Silent seething 1/day

Bonus feat

Revenge 2/day, silent seething 2/day

Hunter's mark +4

Fearless, silent seething 3/day

Revenge 3/day

Counterstrike, silent seething 4/day

Hunter's mark +6

Revenge 4/day, silent seething 5/da vindicators view themselves as indispensable tools of justice.

Vindicators seldom respect society's laws, but are willing to work with whoever they need to complete their self-appointed task. Vindicators often take on the roles of vigilantes, imposing their unusual sense of justice on the people of their communities. While vindicators may be rash, their actions are never evil, nor do they consider the act of seeking revenge especially cruel. After all, it is the right thing to do.

Vindicators in the World: Vindicators originate from the human societies of olden days. Traditionally, vindicators remained close to their homelands to ensure that their special kind of justice was brought to their people's enemies. In ancient times, most vindicators focused their attention on creatures and groups that threatened the well-being of their people or the environment in which they lived. Today vindicators roam the world to punish those who harm it.

Sometimes fanatically righteous and perceived as perverted and cruel, vindicators are misunderstood and mistrusted. Although vindicators would argue otherwise, those who meet a vindicator perceive the hatred that drives him as a force stronger than the individual who owns it. Thus many people view vindicators as eerie, zealous individuals who cannot control their emotions. Though it is true that vindicators tolerate little frivolity, they draw strength from their inner rage and the power of their convictions. Those few individuals who call a vindicator friend understand this, and learn to respect those who are driven by this inner fire.

Vindicators work best with people who share similar values. Most vindicators are relentless defenders of whatever noble cause they adopt, and they go to great lengths to bring their special brand of retribution upon those whom they consider enemies of that cause. Vindicators who reside in towns and cities are thorns in the sides of those who live off crime. They target thieves, assassins and slavers, as well as anyone who makes a living by taking advantage of others.

Vindicators are a various lot, but regardless of their pasts, they are heroic characters considered a blessing to those who are on their side, and a deadly threat to individuals whom they deem deserving of their wrath.

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