Janelle swung, cleaving the head off the metallic construct. The clockwerk goblin bobbed aimlessly for a moment before collapsing in a heap of broken parts.

"Where are all these things coming from?" wondered Shandra from close by. Her short staff blazed with orange energy as she called down fire on another pair of the noisy, erratically moving constructs. "No idea." The elven warrior took a moment to catch her breath, wiping a swath of white hair from her brow. From the corridor ahead came the clanking of more clockwerk guardians, growing steadily closer. "This tinker of yours is really starting to annoy me."

"Yes." Shandra moved up to the opening and peered inside. At least six more goblins approached, ambling noisily along, brandishing their crude spears as though they were clubs. "Here, let's clear some of this away. Maybe he's in the next room, and we can put a stop to this."

The gnome arcanist uttered a few incomprehensible phrases, and a blast of frost extended from her stubby hand. The goblins in the hallway toppled, leaving the area suddenly silent.

Janelle didn't waste any time. She hurried forward, moving to the open doorway. There, she stopped, suddenly holding her sword tighter.

Ahead, in the open auditorium, stood a miniature factory, clanking and grinding as steam poured out of its cooling vents. At least a dozen more clockwerk guardians surrounded the facility. Inside, a goblin tinker feverishly worked the controls, cackling madly. "Get them, my pretties!" he yelled. "Destroy! Kill!" The clockwerk monstrosities lurched forward.

Hardness 3; 5 hp; Size Tiny; Weight 1 lb.; MR 1; TS 5; Craft DC 35; Price 1,500 gp.

Instant BRewmakeR

Description: Not surprisingly, the few pandaren technological devices that exist often focus on the creation of powerful alcoholic beverages. The instant brewmaker is a perfect example. The device is like a portable still, with a small heater, hollow glass tubes and coils, and beakers designed to catch the dripping end product. Best of all, the entire device can fold up into a suitcase-sized container suitable for easy transport.

Operation: Setting up or tearing down an instant brewmaker requires 3 rounds and a DC 15 Use Technological Device check. The operator provokes attacks of opportunity while doing so. Once the bearer is ready to go, he then takes a standard action (also provoking attacks) to add herbs and other ingredients to this device. On his action the following round, the brewmaker spits out the resulting liquid — enough to fill a single potion vial.

The herbs and special ingredients can be of any of a variety of types, but must add up to at least 100 gp in total value. The GM may rule that such herbs can be purchased on the open market, or require the user to make Profession (herbalist) checks (or a similar check) to find them in the world.

A brewmaker can produce literally any sort of potion or alchemical brew of which the user is aware. For example, the operator can request a cure moderate wounds potion if he so desires, so long as he has encountered this type of potion before or knows the spell. He makes a Use Technological Device check with a DC equal to 6 + (6 x the spell level). The DC to create an alchemical concoction (as described in More Magic & Mayhem) is 5 + the DC to create it with Craft (alchemy).

If the Use Technological Device check succeeds, the potion or brew works normally. If not, the liquid that comes out is of a random type (if the check was 4 or less away from the required DC) or doesn't work at all. If the potion is random, the user doesn't know the type until he actually drinks the brew. (He also doesn't know whether or not he is successful until he takes a drink.)

An instant brewmaker can be used only once every 4 hours. The brew produced lasts for only 1 minute before losing its potency.

Fuel: An instant brewmaker uses 1 vial of liquid phlogiston for every 12 uses.

Malfunction: If the device malfunctions during setup, something breaks and must be repaired with a DC 15 Craft (technological device) check over 8 hours. The craftsman must have access to glass supplies or glassblowing equipment.

If the device malfunctions while creating a brew, the resulting potion looks fine, but is a poison (initial and secondary damage 1d6 Stamina, Fort DC 16 negates).

Hardness 5; 10 hp; Size Small (when open) or Tiny (closed); Weight 10 lb.; MR 1; TS 9; Craft DC 34; Price 3,825 gp.

Pocket FactoRy

Description: A pocket factory is a briefcase-like device containing a miniaturized, self-powered construction facility capable of producing a small army of clockwerk goblins (see Chapter 9: Monsters). The device uses the same sort of technology employed in the gnomish shrink ray, but only so long as the pocket factory is kept tightly shut. As soon as it is opened, the miniaturization field collapses and everything inside expands to its normal size.

Operation: Setting up the factory is easy — the owner simply opens it (a standard action that doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity) and makes a DC 12 Use Technological Device check. Within 1

round, the suitcase has grown into a Gargantuan structure 20 feet wide and 25 feet high, filled

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