Zul'armon prowled through the jungle, pushing aside the bushy fronds that obscured his vision. He lifted his big troll feet with exaggerated care to avoid the sucking sound of mud releasing him from its grasp. For three days Zul'armon had stalked his prey. Yesterday he had raced along the trail at top speed, hoping to catch his quarry before he entered the Swamp of Sorrows. Then a snake had slithered across his path and flicked its red tongue at him. Zul'armon had heeded the sign of the animal spirits; the snake signified that it was time to exercise patience. Now Zul'armon crept through the swamp, surrounded by crowds of stinging insects. He slapped at his skin and looked over his shoulder. All day he'd had the feeling someone was watching him. A flash of color startled Zul'armon; he whipped his head around and snatched his dagger from its sheath. A squawking parrot exploded from a nearby tangle of ferns. Zul'armon relaxed and chuckled. Then something crashed into his back. Zul'armon flailed his arms, failed to catch anything, and sprawled forward in the mud. Quick as a greased piglet he slithered forward, and the butt of his foe's quarterstaff slammed into the ground next to Zul'armon, spattering him with mud. Zul'armon flipped to his feet and spun, dagger raised. His heart sank as he saw, not one, but two trolls facing him. Old, dried blood streaked their skin and they wore necklaces made of rodent skulls. One troll leered, then laughed as Zul'armon raised his dagger. "You are far from home, cousin," the troll rasped. "Tonight you will feed Hakkar." Zul'armon prepared to launch himself at the speaker, but a third troll rapped him on the head from behind. His world went dark.

reinforced the Highborne's feelings of superiority. They became even more strict and cruel in preventing others from accessing the Well. Under Azshara, things got much worse — though night elf society was already decadent. Azshara was largely responsible for transforming the Highborne's interest in arcane magic into an obsession.

Over time, the Highborne's actions caught Sargeras's attention. Sargeras encouraged the Highborne to continue their abuse of magic, and the Highborne obliged by summoning demons, and by trying to widen and stabilize a portal so that Sargeras might enter Azeroth (a task that, thankfully, they never accomplished).

The dragonflights were at first inclined to let the elves suffer the consequences of their abuse, but once it became clear that the Burning Legion had invaded, the Dragon Aspects met to discuss how to stop the demons. Neltharion the Earth-Warder, leader of the black dragonflight, proposed that each Dragon Aspect and its

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