Membership: 27,000.

Alignment: True neutral.

Regions of Influence: The Zandalar troll tribe is based on the isle of Zandalar in the South Seas, but recently emissaries have traveled to southern Azeroth around Stranglethorn Vale.

Activities: The Zandalari serve as an overall priest caste for Azeroth's trolls and spend much of their time researching ancient knowledge and magic; they also oppose Hakkar.

Zandalar is an island in the South Seas to the southwest of Westfall on Azeroth. On this island live trolls — thousands upon thousands of trolls. It is understandably a difficult place to visit for a lone dwarf (or anyone else who isn't a troll). The Zandalar tribe is the progenitor tribe from which all other troll tribes sprang.

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