Naga Mage

The naga are powerful arcane spellcasters. Night elves invented the art, after all, and the naga have had 10,000 years to refine it. Indeed, the greatest mortal mage ever to live is the naga queen Azshara, who still lives. In fact, she may no longer be mortal.

Naga women are their race's spellcasters, and over the millennia they have developed a number of talents and techniques related to their art. Through intense study they learn to expand their repertoires to include other, unrelated spells. Their spells strike with the fury of the sea, whipping and crushing their opponents. Naga magi receive some military training as well.

The iconic naga mage is called a siren, and she slithers forward with her brethren, glaives clutched in two of her arms. The other two weave arcane energy, and she protects her allies and decimates her opponents with her spells. She is assured and arrogant, and with good reason.

Naga Mage Alterations

Naga magi do not gain the summon familiar arcana at 1st level, the enhanced counterspell arcana at 8th level, or the arcane adept arcana at 12th level. Instead naga magi gain the following class features, at the indicated levels:

• lst-Level — Weapon Proficiency: Naga magi receive some small military training, just in case their myrmidon bodyguards prove insufficient. The naga mage is proficient with a single martial weapon of her choice.

• lst-Level — Expanded Understanding (Ex): At 1st level and every level thereafter, the naga mage selects a single spell from any spell list. She can cast this spell as if it were on the mage spell list, at the same level as it was on the other class's spell list.

• 8th-Level — Ocean's Fury (Ex): Whenever the naga mage casts a spell with the air or water descriptor, her caster level is considered two higher than it actually is for the purposes of determining level-dependent features, such as duration and range. Also, she gains a +2 bonus on caster level checks to overcome spell resistance with spells with the air or water descriptors; and when she applies a metamagic feat to a spell with the air or water descriptor, it takes up a spell slot one level less than normal. For example, if the naga mage applies the Quicken Spell feat to cyclone (as described in the Alliance Player's Guide; perhaps gained through her expanded understanding arcana), it is a 6th-level spell. (Normally, it would be a 7th-level spell.) This ability cannot reduce the spell slot increase to less than one. (Thus, a spell altered with Silent Spell still takes up a spell slot one level higher than normal.)

• 12th-Level — Expanded Fury (Ex): When the naga mage prepares her spells for the day, she can select one spell at each spell level. These spells benefit from her ocean's fury arcana, even if they do not possess the air or water descriptors.

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