NeRubian Spide RloRd

This enormous, insectile creature resembles a gigantic, fantastically colored beetle. The scarab-like carapace unfolds like dual wings, and the creature's front limbs are scythelike and bony.

Nerubian spiderlords — cold, ruthless, deadly and intelligent beetle creatures—are perhaps the most powerful nerubians. Spiderlords once formed the majority of Azjol-Nerub's leadership; they were the keepers of law. They exhibit more callous intelligence than their underlings; a nerubian spiderlord is willing to sacrifice almost anything to further one of his complicated schemes.

A nerubian spiderlord possesses the same poisonous bite of other nerubians, but due to his scarab body he cannot spin webs. Nerubian spiderlords come in many vivid, jeweled shades, everything from emerald green to sapphire blue to ruby red. Some scholars attempt to draw a correlation between a spiderlord's coloring and his approximate power level, but so far have reached no consensus.

Nerubian spiderlords grow 18-20 feet tall and weigh 8,000 to 12,000 pounds. Their carapaces provide excellent natural armor, but their vestigial wings are not strong enough to allow flight. Only nerubian queens give birth to spiderlords; one out of every 20 eggs she lays on average grows into a spiderlord (the rest emerge as regular nerubians).

Nerubian spiderlords speak Common and Nerubian.

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