Or of the DaRkmoon

Description: An iridescent blue stone sits nestled in a round silver amulet. The heavy silver chain seems tarnished, and no amount of polishing brightens it. Though beautiful, the swirling depths of the blue stone carry a hint of menace.

Table 4-3: New WondRous Items Item Price

Spirit of Zanza 1,600

Thorium Tools

Mithril Spurs 3,000

Swiftness of Zanza 3,000

Light of the Argent Dawn 3,500

Scarecrow Suit 3,600

Sheen of Zanza 4,900

Satyrmane Sash 10,000

Bracers of the Watery Grave 20,250

Orb of Darkmoon 76,000

Powers: An orb of the darkmoon grants its wearer a +4 enhancement bonus to Stamina and a +2 enhancement bonus to Spirit. In addition, if a spell that cures or deals damage is cast on the wearer, the amount of damage it deals or cures increases by +1 point per caster level (maximum 15 points). The powers of the amulet seem tied to the moon, though; when the moon wanes, this power reverses, and the wearer receives -1 fewer point of healing or damage per die (to a minimum of 1 point per die). (The moon waxes for 2 weeks, then wanes for 2 weeks.)

Rumor has it that, during full moons and new moons, truly odd things happen to the wearer of an orb of the darkmoon. A goblin tinker once claimed that a frost nova spell, cast during a full moon by an enemy mage, exploded harmlessly around him and then reformed into an icy elemental that ran off into the woods. A Forsaken priest whispered, in horrified tones all the more horrifying coming from the walking dead, that a cure light wounds spell cast on her beneath a new moon caused the Scarlet Crusader she faced to disappear utterly. Likely these are just rumors, though.

Strong transmutation; CL 15 th; Craft Wondrous Item, amplify magic*, bear's endurance, owl's wisdom; Price 76,000 gp; Cost 38,000 gp + 3,040 XP.

* See More Magic & Mayhem.

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