So, you want to join us, eh? First you need to be 4 feet tall, weigh over 200 pounds, and have a really nice beard. Sorry, but with a few rare exceptions, we're all dwarves here. No one else cares as much, and those who do care usually want to keep the information from the world. And I'm not letting that happen on my clock!

So, you're a young and strapping dwarf with a set of picks and ambition the size of an ogre's stomach. You still can't instantly join, bucko; you need to spend plenty of time on Alliance soil, especially Khaz Modan. New recruits can expect plenty of time in the slopes of Ironforge, perfecting their senses as well as balance. There's also weapons training. Face it, we go to dangerous places. Ever been to the Un'Goro Crater? Maybe you'll catch me there by the time you graduate. Maybe I've moved on by then. Who knows. Fascinating stuff there, though

Anyhow, once you've earned your place as a probationary member, High Explorer Magellas hands out your first assignment. It's usually something easy, some place we've already been. Don't want to burn you guys out yet. Prospect around there long enough, update our libraries with anything new and interesting, and eventually you'll be an official guild member. From here on out, Magellas keeps handing out assignments. If you can put in a request, I suggest Silithus. I hear it's particularly nasty this time of year. Means there's got to be something good in there.

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