The most important members of the Darkmoon Faire are those who run the booths. The booths offer many different things: You can see the self-styled strongest woman in the world, play a variety of games involving hammers and thrown balls, eat delicious food, and drink yourself silly. Each vendor (for lack of a better term — not all of them sell goods) is in charge of his or her own booth and is in a constant state of improving his or her power to draw an audience. A vendor may alter her booth by providing new attractions or with new costumes or fireworks to enhance the booth's visual appeal.

Silas Darkmoon is in charge of the Faire as a whole, but he allows his vendors pretty free rein. As long as the vendors bring in people who spend money, Silas is happy. Silas is also in charge of making sure the caravan moves when it's supposed to move and goes to the places to which it is scheduled.

Many other individuals are also involved with the Faire, and these people's duties are myriad. They sweep trash and hammer spikes. They prop up tents and make

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