The Syndicate's main weakness is that its leadership is made up of egotistical nobles, with lands, farms and citizens who once owed fealty to them. When the time came for them to band together and work as one, they had difficulty choosing a leader, as they all wanted the job. Once they had retaken the Alterac Mountains and nearly every noble was back in his former home with a citizenry of bandits serving him, many old habits returned.

When Aliden Perenolde came up with the idea to take advantage of the Alliance's crippled state and attack neighboring lands, the Syndicate came under his rule, grudgingly. Each noble has a household and family that serve him or her, including whatever rogues or bandits they've picked up along the way. These nobles in turn answer to Lord Perenolde, but little organization seems to exist beyond that, although Lord Falconcrest has taken command in the Arathi Highlands. The Syndicate suffers from pride and jealousy, each noble wishing to be in Perenolde's position. Infighting, usually over newly acquired holdings, is a frequent problem.

The folks lower in the household, of course, do the dirty work. The nobles did the stealing and the fighting when they were exiles, but they consider themselves too good for that now, desiring to merely train their underlings and plan grand conquests over ravaged Lordaeron. Yet don't mistake, these nobles are fierce in battle and pick up weapons if pushed.

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