From the outside the Twilight's Hammer looks likes a loose affiliation of personality cults. At the center of each sect is a twilight lord. These sect leaders are, without exception, charismatic, powerful, and diabolical. A twilight lord surrounds himself with his most loyal and trusted followers. This inner circle acts as a buffer between the leader and his followers, lending him an air of mystery. Within his own sect, the twilight lord is often treated as the equal of whatever dark power the cultists worship, and they obey his commands without question.

Behind the individual sects, however, is a greater organization. The twilight lords form an oligarchy that determines the organization's direction. Though the twilight lords are ostensibly equal, a fluid pecking order exists based on power, prophetic ability, and plain old favoritism. Those who can gather the support of other lords (through fair means or foul) are declared twilight overlords, and are accorded special respect. Almost all twilight lords are spellcasters, although a rare few belong to the martial classes.

These disparate sects keep in touch through a kind of newsletter called the True Believer. Written and distributed by high-ranking members of the Twilight's Hammer, the True Believer allows cultists to keep abreast of the latest signs of the apocalypse, or whatever it is these freaks consider news. You might be thinking that such a publication would give the cultists away, but you'd be wrong. First, the True Believer is encoded with a fiendishly difficult cipher. The only written key to the cipher, the so-called Twilight Lexicon, is split into three parts, each heavily guarded. Second, even if one were to break the code, the text is still the apocalyptic predictions of fanatical cultists. Trust me, you won't like what you read.

Though the Twilight's Hammer cult is dedicated to the Old Gods, the Old Gods themselves remain for the most part a mystery. Only one Old God has freed itself from the enchanted sleep and imprisonment that the titans forced on the Old Gods in ancient times. Even the elementals have, for the most part, no interest in these cultists. The cultists have little or no way of telling whether their actions please their masters or not. Indeed, many twilight lords could care less whether they bring about the apocalypse as long as they maintain their power. Occasionally, though, a group of elementals calling itself the Abyssal Council calls upon the Twilight's Hammer to perform mysterious tasks — which the cultists readily perform.

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