The Cult of the Damned holds the Lich King in highest esteem, but for all practical purposes outside Northrend, the lord of the Scourge, and thus the Damned, is Kel'Thuzad.

The bulk of the cult is composed of acolytes: mortal necromancers, warriors, and priests whose former faith in the Holy Light has been perverted into an utter belief in the omnipotence of the Lich King and the transcendence of undeath. Sometimes Scourge leaders raise cult members who die in the battles of the Scourge, and acolytes in particular are eager to enter the sacrificial pits and become shades.

The cult members do not wear uniforms, for their tasks often require them to infiltrate mortal enclaves to spy (or recruit new members). However, while cultists cannot always identify each other by dress, they all bear a mark. The mark is secret, and obviously the cultists keep it hidden, but it allows them to recognize their brethren.

Perhaps the most dangerous cultists are those who dwell among their mortal brethren. Many folks (including this dwarf) believe that the cult has agents in all major cities and in smaller settlements. These agents draw others into their twisted religion, follow the Scourge's orders, and work against the living.

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