VanCleef is the unquestioned leader of the Defias Brotherhood. Beneath him is the inner circle, derived from Stormwind's old network of stonemasons and artisans. They have no titles, except for the titles of their professions (apprentice, journeyman, artisan, mason, master mason, and so forth). The word "brotherhood" is not used trivially; members of the Defias Brotherhood see themselves as members of a secret society who have a responsibility to take care of each other. In particular, the inner circle regards other members as an extended family and has a strong sense of commitment and community support. (If only they offered such noble sentiments their victims.)

The craftsmen (particularly those who also have military experience) serve as commanders for the bands of mercenaries and bandits that make up the bulk of the Brotherhood. Based in Moonbrook, they use an elaborate network of messengers to communicate with their bands, or leave messages at prearranged points. Young members, backed by mercenaries or friendly bandits, run outposts. Treachery is rare among their ranks, but their increasingly dark deeds move some of the Brotherhood's more idealistic

"Gnolls," Artemal grumbled. "I don't know why we have to put up with that lot."

Patrik nodded, gazing at the hyena-faced nomads who were passing by their post. The Defias Brotherhood was shifting its position in the hills, an arduous process that involved scouring the territory for spies and shooting them before permitting their gnoll allies to move. It made for a long day. Patrik groaned. "I'm tired, and those dog-faces look like they're starving." "And guess what'd be on the menu if they decided to have lunch?"

"Us." One of the gnolls barked at him three times, and then, with a satisfied expression, turned around and trotted back to his pack. "I didn't like that," Artemal said.

"He's telling you to keep your distance," Revale the smith said, riding over to the men. "Stay alert. Salmister tells us that today's a bad day."

"Yes, sir," Artemal nodded, and watched as Revale rode to the next post.

"I wish I had a personal mage to tell me when I was going to have a bad day," said Patrik.

"Then you'd never get out of bed." Artemal grinned, and turned to survey the gnolls as they passed. The sun shone, and he squinted as he caught a glimpse of something unusual in the mist. "Wait a minute," the captain murmured, and he waded into the center of the gnolls. The confused band suddenly halted in its tracks. He pointed at one particular gnoll in the center of the pack who had an elaborately crafted dagger in his belt.

"You!" Artemal shouted. "Since when do gnolls carry daggers with the symbol of Stormwind? Any gnoll chief worth his salt would have kept that for his personal spoils."

"Blast," the gnoll snapped in the human tongue. Immediately its form blurred into that of a human knight, and he launched the dagger into Artemal's throat with a frighteningly efficient motion. A sword came out of his sheath with blinding speed, and the knight hacked his way through the gnoll band, shouting battle cries to Stormwind and the Holy Light. The gnolls panicked and dispersed, leaving young Patrik to face the knight.

members to turn on the group. They have no ranks, though capable fighters are given command positions and called "captains." The Brotherhood's only uniform is a red bandana, worn to hide faces, and that's enough to identify them in the kingdom of Stormwind.


The principle base of the Defias Brotherhood is in the Deadmines, which are located under the mountains between Stranglethorn Vale and Westfall, and which can be accessed through a hidden barn entrance in the town of Moonbrook (which is also a Defias stronghold). The Deadmines are a vast network of mines rich in copper, tin and silver, but they're also home to an uncomfortably large number of undead (whom the Defias avoid). Deep within the Deadmines are several portals, which eventually lead to VanCleef's base of operations.

Beyond the Deadmines, the Defias Brotherhood has control of the farms in Westfall and Elwynn Forest.

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