Panda Ren

Pandaren aren't particularly good inventors, but they know a good thing when they see it. Rather than learn the intricacies of technology from the ground up, they prefer to learn about specific types of devices, such as weapons or vehicles. Once they know how to create those, they focus on that particular subset. They almost always build known devices, rather than create new ones, with one glaring exception: brewing equipment.

From the first day they discovered the existence of technology, pandaren tinkers have sought to craft items capable of producing or improving alcoholic beverages. While some pandaren claim that scientifically created brews are inferior or somehow corrupted, those who enjoy such creations say it's the taste that matters.

While most pandaren brewmaking gear is focused solely on producing beverages, a few exceptional devices deserve attention. These include the instant brewmaker, Hong's throat-burner, and the alchemist's stirrer.

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