In addition to the possessions listed in these characters' descriptions, all these characters are assumed to carry standard campaigning and/ or adventuring gear: ammunition, backpacks, bedrolls, equipment for their mounts, flint and steel, pouches, rope, rations, waterskins, perhaps a smattering of coins, and the like. See More Magic & Mayhem for all magic items (Chapter 4: So Shiny!) and alchemical draughts (Chapter 2: Enchantments, Runes and Brews) unless otherwise noted.

far from it. They willingly risk their lives each day.

If an Argent Dawn force is attacked while guarding a specific person or location, the members form a defensive circle around the target and attempt to repulse their enemies with ranged attacks. If any attackers make it to melee range, paladins and templar move to eliminate the target, then return to their positions in the circle if possible. If the Argent Dawn has multiple locations to defend, it prioritizes and potentially abandons one location completely, depending on the situation; if there

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