QMs Option Druids Shaman and Witch Doctors and High Divinists

The methods by which priests, druids, shaman, and witch doctors gain and cast their spells varies greatly. Priests have access to divine magic, for example, while druids wield nature magic. Despite these differences, in World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game, all of these classes are paths of the healer class and, in game terms, their magic functions similarly. Therefore, as an option, the GM may allow druids, shaman, and witch doctors to take levels in the high divinist prestige class. Doing so represents mastery of their own unique brand of magic, and obviously they do not call themselves high priests.

Note, though, that no magical crossover can take place among these classes. If you are a priest and you take this class, you can't gain access to shaman abilities. (For example, with the master domain power class feature — you can take master domain powers only for domains with which you already have greater access.)

If the GM decides to use this option, make the following alterations to the high divinist class: • Remove Gather Information and Sense Motive from the high divinist's class skills. Add the skills appropriate for the character's healer class (for example, a druid would add Handle Animal, Knowledge (nature), Stealth, and Survival).

High divinist levels count as levels of druid, priest, shaman, or witch doctor for any class features that use those levels. 'J n, 1 __rv,_ ^LJ^

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