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The heroes may attempt to capture and interrogate a murloc, but the murloc refuses to talk. A DC 15 Intimidate check (DC 10 if the interrogator is a naga) makes the murloc talk. The murloc raiders speak Nerglish only, and may be unable to communicate. When pressed, the murloc informs the heroes that the humans stole something from them, and the murlocs want it back. This information may ruin the adventure's surprise, however.

please, destroy the foul sea monsters, and bring peace to our decimated village." A young voice calls to the old man, and Alman simply smiles. "Forgive my manners. This is my grandson, Salin." He gestures to a small, tow-headed child. "Come on, come in. I must reward you for saving our house!"

The old man offers the adventurers dinner, and offers any information he has. Alman knows of the murlocs' cave, but isn't sure how many murlocs live there. For years, the humans and the murlocs lived in relative peace, so long as the humans avoided the murloc community. The attacks started precisely 4 days ago, and neither the man nor the child understands why. A DC 20 Sense Motive check indicates the man is hiding something, and the child is unusually nervous.

After dinner, the man insists that the heroes stay for the night, claiming that the murlocs attack only while the sun is down, and only once a night. He suggests a guard, just in case, however. No further attacks occur.

Alman asks the heroes to head out to the cave in the morning.

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