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Farstriders don't get along with anyone who is not a blood elf. Oh and don't talk to the night elves about the sin'dorei and their elite rangers. In the night elves' eyes, blood elves are just another menace to the world. Yet despite their xenophobia and prejudices, the Farstriders are still good people, holding a lawful society in the midst of chaos and hell. They're just trying to get by.

The Farstriders despise the Scourge almost as much as they do forest trolls. Every day, teams of Farstriders enter Quel'Thalas's southernmost regions and parts of the Eastern Plaguelands, striking against the undead. Some of their attacks are attempts to cleanse their land, but I think the attacks are also about revenge. Blood elves are known for their grudges.

The Farstriders still carry deep resentment toward the Horde, especially orcs and trolls. Farstriders go out of their way to slay trolls, even those of the Horde. I once tried to explain to a veteran of the Second War that the Horde's decent folk now, and he almost put an arrow in my gut for sympathizing with mongrels. The Farstriders haven't had much experience with the tauren, and so have no particular quarrel with them. Still, the Farstriders tend to think of them as bestial brutes. Then there's the fact that the Horde let the Forsaken into their ranks. As I said, undead and elves don't mix.

Then again, I've heard some disturbing rumors. While fighting in the Eastern Plaguelands, I heard something disturbing. Sylvanas is in communication with the blood elves these days. Rumor has it that Sylvanas is offering assistance to the blood elves, and that it looks more and more possible that the blood elves will join the Horde. I don't know how the Farstriders are going to take working alongside trolls. The future will tell, I suppose.

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