The Atal'ai and Hakkari don't get along with anyone, but they clash particularly with their own people, the jungle trolls of the former Gurubashi empire. The Zandalar tribe, from their island home in the South Seas, is especially concerned with the Atal'ai and Hakkari's plans. Catching wind of what their evil brethren planned, a group of Zandalar trolls set sail for the mainland. With their people scattered and occupied with other dangers, the Zandalari are forced to recruit adventurers from both the Alliance and Horde (and independent factions) to strike against Hakkar and his priests on their behalf.

The Atal'ai's and Hakkari's relationship with the Gurubashi trolls have improved recently. With Hakkar now in existence, the Gurubashi scramble to appease him. The defend his temple and his priests, hoping he will reward them.

Hakkar is an evil and ravenous god; he poses a dire threat to the world. Once Hakkar decides to move, his priests' first step may be to crush the Zandalar tribe. The Zandalari are the oldest threats to Hakkar and his priests because of their knowledge — they can tell other races important details about Hakkar and the priests who follow him, and they actively recruit heroes to combat Hakkar. After taking care of the Zandalari, Hakkar and his followers will likely go on to destroy the other jungle trolls of Stranglethorn Vale and offer their

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