The Defias Brotherhood is a solitary organization. Its only allies are the gnolls of Elwynn and the kobolds of Westfall, both of whom are old enemies of the local humans who were cast aside when the Horde was driven out of Stormwind during the Second War; both sides know they are allies of convenience. Mercenary companies, many of whom are veterans of the Second War (or their displaced sons) who did not reap the benefits at the war's end, are especially sympathetic to the Defias Brotherhood, particularly while the Brotherhood's coffers maintain a steady supply of gold and silver.

To the Alliance, however, the Defias Brotherhood poses a grave threat (one of many, in these times). In Stormwind City, many knights who were raised to battle the Horde are now being told to "save a few swordstrokes for the Defias"; and Alliance military leaders, short on skilled men, hire adventurers to fight their fellow humans in the Brotherhood.

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