As defenders of nature and keepers of the fragile world balance, the members of the Cenarion Circle wyr—f———rr—-T—r-^r, _

Tajarri stared into the wide, blue eyes of the beardless human standing before her. ! "Yet another druid has successfully completed the trial of the lake," she said to the youth, whose broad, innocent grin immediately brought a smile ! to her face. "Well done, my young friend," she [ added, "well done indeed." It was a privilege for Tajarri to test students who came to Moonglade for further druidic training.

The youth shyly mumbled his thanks and bowed courteously. There was wisdom in his bright, young eyes, and Tajarri could tell he would become an ! important asset in the Cenarion Circle's never-ending battle. "You are most assuredly developing yourself into a valued protector of nature," she said. And Cenarius knows how desperately the world needs people such as yourself, she did not add.

have many friends, but also many enemies. Those who would seek to exploit nature view the circle as arrogant believers in ancient ways that no longer concern most people. They see the Cenarion Circle as a thorn in their sides, if not a direct threat to their ultimate goals. On the other hand, the people who respect the wilderness and the creatures inhabiting it see the Cenarion Circle as a necessary force the world cannot afford to lose.

The Cenarion Circle has many allies among the hunters, scouts, druids and shaman who call themselves adventurers. They also have strong ties with countless other people who believe that nature needs to be safeguarded. Because most of its members hail from either the Alliance or the Horde, the Cenarion Circle generally gets along with both sides.

The circle considers the Scourge the most important threat the world has seen in years. The members of the Cenarion Circle are thus extremely wary of the Scourge and work hard to ensure that undead do not gain a stronger foothold upon the world. Also, in recent years, the scheming and maneuvering of the Twilight's Hammer have forced the Cenarion Circle to take measures against them. Many believe that an open conflict between the two factions is inevitable, and rumors abound about an all-out war between the operatives of the Cenarion Circle and their allies against the forces of the Twilight's Hammer.

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