The Syndicate is enemy to both the Alliance and the Horde. Even if the Alliance were to rescind Sir Uther's edict and invite the deposed nobles back into the fold, they would refuse. In the mind of Aliden Perenolde and his peers, it was the Alliance that betrayed them, and not the other way around. The Syndicate holds even more venom for the Horde. As they tell it, it was the Horde that seduced them into working against the Alliance, and it was the Horde that failed in their promise to conquer Lordaeron, and it was the Horde who refused to aid the deposed nobles in their hour of need. As you can see, the Syndicate blames all their problems on other people, refusing to accept that it was their own duplicity that brought them to their knees.

Though the Syndicate is an enemy of both Alliance and Horde, those organizations have scant resources with which to deal with them. The only true threats to these rogues are the people living in the areas the Syndicate threatens. Though many of these villages fall prey to the Syndicate, a few find the courage to oppose it. The Trollbane family, descendants of Lord Ignaeus of Strom, seeks to reclaim Stromgarde from Syndicate control. At Tarren Mill, Horde settlers fend off Lord Perenolde's attempts to enslave them.

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